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Music From The Game Freedom Finger

by Aesop Rock

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Play Dead 03:22
Bat shit, I’m bat shit, my ships crash, my zag zig I’m all whiplash in that black tint, black ash on my flag pin I go zip zap, and y’all back spin, y’all spacecrafts call mayday I like tailspins when they back lit, and cats scrambling for that safe space he plays defense around dead zones, next up to cold explode rest up, I go death punch, it rains F’d up UFOs I throw episodes in all star maps, that get veterans to bring barf bags it bring hellfire and little party hats, for those parting ways with they tarmac blast off and get waxed off, these saboteurs are like pack dogs I might shoo ‘em off and they boomerang, line ‘em up and illuminate it goes “oooo” and “aaaa”, and you too late, we got a failure to communicate in my rear view’s a little planet earth, and my calendar is straight doomsdays fuel up and I steam roll, you better moonwalk when that screen scroll I feed castaways to these gamma rays and my handshake is all sleeper hold ease in and get heave-hoed, with no easy mode, and no foul play bounty hunters get found out, power up or get out-paced Ease awake at 3 AM, he found freedom in the mayhem, amen, amen Gimme a lost world to locate, get ghost with folk who don’t obey, ok, ok Time is not being a good friend, smoke is being a good book end I’m no joke, I only go full send, don’t poke at the pure bred bullhead dog fights that call for old fight songs, start crossing names off the flight log might light cigars off the fire ball, we are well past any kind of dialog warfare, I don’t war fair, I like rocket fuel in my morning air I like red buttons under iron fists, and my stunt doubles like “I quit” the kid 360 all side-eye, and pluck wild geese from that twilight I go hyperspeed, and can’t drive for shit, I just bob and weave when y’all sky dive lights blink, and my screens glitch, if I lose it all, I ain’t need the shit I call bombs away, it turn mobs away, you’re all “die alone ”, I’m all “not today we go eye for eye around pale moons, fighter pilots find Jesus I don’t tread soft with that special sauce, see you was better off in some mail room dumb luck and no late pass, I get gussied up and I gate crash I’m playing laser tag in plain stupid odds, tag my name on they fuselage out-lier in the main event, I keep downsizing y’alls data set infiltrators get checkmate, it’s maybe best to just play dead Ease awake at 3 AM, he found freedom in the mayhem, amen, amen Gimme a lost world to locate, get ghost with folk who don’t obey, ok, ok Safe and sound out the crash site, life forms that refuse to flatline, that’s right, that’s right
KOWP 03:39
I could drive a car through a fence Bonnie sitting shotty, not Barbie and Ken probably dip instead of weathering your whims and woes the piss and moan, I prefer sticks and stones from the unrelenting filigree of digital Rome I throw a signal fit to eclipse videodrome more than pics of your pets, every pixel explodes and viewership has an emotional and physical toll I’m a 8-bit invader who vacate the cartridge upgrade, now I make waves in the lawless y’all still decorate a office in rainbows and dolphins basically awake in a coffin hm, Chrissy tattooed his middle finger touk from his mother, tools from his headshrinker duck a death bringer, ain’t bringing me shit I’m right here, bitch, swing and a miss, hiss Speak from a circle of seats, each get a turn, I’m the king of world peace Teach ‘em how to curse at police, and flee from the church, I’m the king of world peace Map of the dungeon pack drugs, I’m a rat to a button ask any kinda bad you can summon I run through brads like paper bag puppets bub, my dice got so many sides in no time, you could throw em ’til you owe me your life throw forever, never once see the same roll twice it’s no joke, I don’t know the snake oil price I’m a strange force hailing from the wholly unknown I tell a category 5 he need to go to his room I probably hang from a helicopter more than I need although, I guess it tells you what I thought of the scene I meant to tell you when you talk I feel lost at sea I feel like you’re embalming me come and get a sense of the bubble couch on the left but the rest is a puzzle Staring down certain defeat, reach for dessert, I’m the king of world peace barring any personal beefs, and weeks I’m a jerk, I’m the king of world peace I like bones and old cassette tapes I skip stones that go for 10 days I rid stones of the most stuck swords “Go Back” signage over the front door robot dogs patrol the whole grounds crater in the lawn where last troll cowered not in the race to pass go I’m a lone photon escaping a black hole truth told, never had an eye on the crown I just jump through the glass every time I go out here to offer an experience your media can’t if you down to get your deep seats deprogrammed I mean, the dude may sleep in a van but like, the food chain eat from his hand I’m a backstreet butcher, bullshit wizard even in the summer I’m a wolf in the winter Creep in, burn the machine, leave in a blur I’m the king of world peace might go berserk in the street, cheap fireworks, I’m the king of world peace
Do you read me, do you read me, do I need to reach through the TV do I need to reach through the ouija, Houston, I may have gone too Houdini I’m too uneasy, I’m out of phase, and I’m orange Tang, and I’m powdered eggs and my radio has been down for days, I just stand around and sound out the phrase it go do you read me, shook up shoe to beanie, y’all look for the moon graffiti deep end of some hellhole, come detect this tempo I been feeding back in these headphones, beating back a profound fear farewell to my bread crumbs, is anybody even out there? I’m like out there, in that true 3d, that new ether, that do you read me you don’t read me, I’m barely a thing, staring off, I’m too scared to blink I might shrink some and I shrink more, shrink past this pink dwarf no sign of my pole star, although up here it don’t mean north deep space in no G-force, I more tumble out to some death bell some bleep bleep, robot voice, some red lights, some send help street meat for some E.T., to come deep fry, in old frites grease and re-home, reach out, reap what he sow, Jesus, do you read me, we don’t and I play drums on the wheel, whether feeling out of touch or outgunned in the field...drums on the wheel (2Xs) bomb sites and black outs, and fog lights in gas clouds jockey through vacuums, none of our flaps down it’s shocking, shot off as one small part of some squadron that ain’t once chosen to abort shit, now we’ve honed in on our problem non-stop until he stop and see what kinda quadrant he got lost in do you read me, that option when y’alls options are exhausted I been dropped off in this mosh pit, instead of locked-in to one orbit knock knock, call back or this cockpit is my coffin boss levels I’m doomed to repeat, new dance I call it “do you read me” It evolve as a beyond the yonder mantra, once none pinging my transponder once what macabre y’all planned to conjure, been handed back to y’all unresponsive ten hut and I’m In sync, phone home, it just ring and ring asteroids that leave marks, and blackholes that eat stars green cheese, and GPS bedecked with detours fuel gauge around E-street, and my beacons are all blinked out I might slink up in that junk heap you can’t read and/or pin down and I play drums on the wheel, whether feeling out of touch or outgunned in the field...drums on the wheel (2Xs)
Rat Skull 00:26
Snowmobile 00:22
Twice Fried 00:18


Recently I was approached by my old friend Travis Millard to make some original music for Freedom Finger - a crazy space-shooter video game he had been developing with Jim Dirschberger and Wide Right Interactive game studio. I was able to land 6 instrumentals that pop up at various points throughout the gameplay.

As the game was being rolled out, the idea arose to have me do 3 more tracks - this time fully fleshed out songs with lyrics mostly inspired by Freedom Finger’s gameplay. These tracks would accompany some brand new levels that would be made available as downloadable content for the game.

We have decided to release all of the music I have done for Freedom Finger as a 10” vinyl EP available through Rhymesayers Entertainment. This includes the 3 full length vocal tracks, as well as the shorter beats that loop throughout the game. Some of these tracks also feature additional instrumentation from my friends and frequent collaborators, Grimace Federation.

Furthermore, Jim has directed a video for the song Drums on the Wheel - featuring Freedom Finger gameplay, and some brand new visuals drawn by Travis and animated by Steven Gong.

The game is an absolute blast, and I hope you enjoy this music. <3



released April 7, 2020


all rights reserved



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